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Pro-tip: Eating fresh is actually cheaper than not

I know it sounds crazy, because pasta is so freaking cheap and vegetables are so expensive and — nope. Not true. When you eat pasta, you have a tendency to eat more and more frequently because the fact about carbs is that it’s only short-term energy. Getting the essential vitamins and minerals in foods helps you be active throughout the day longer.

Also, one person of average-slightly above average weight can estimate eating probably $25 in groceries a week if they eat fresh. It’s an experiment I’ve been trying for a while. Cut out my protein bars and the surplus that I actually don’t eat, then there you have it — the stuff that I do actually eat.

All it comes down to is knowing what you will and won’t eat as far as fresh foods go. Do you like apples? No? Don’t buy ‘em, even if you know that they’re “good for you.” This rule applies to everything. If you don’t know what you don’t like, then only buy one item that you’ve never tried before and give it a shot. If you hate it, don’t buy it again. If you love it, see how long it takes you to go through it in a week and buy it again based on how fast you consumed it.

The other tactic to try is diversity. Not only is it good for you to have a diverse diet, but it’s cheaper.

Let me give you an example with my own shopping list. I go to two stores: Randalls and Sprouts. (The best stores ever. Sprouts has cheap produce and Randalls offers great deals on every item — plus their organic food is so good.) Depending on items on sale and what I’m buying as far as non-food items goes, my total is anywhere from $20-$40. Generally, every week, I get the following things (produce and protein bars/shakes at Sprouts and eggs, cheese, milk, bread, condiments and everything else at Randalls):

Green beans (I get less than half a pound; about $0.50)
Squash (I get one; about $0.50)
Avocado (I get two; about $1)
Mushrooms (one package is around $2)
Lettuce (I used to get it in bulk, but it goes to waste that way, so instead I’m getting only a head of iceberg at about $0.75)
Onion (I get one, around $1)
Protein bars (I generally grab around five of the really Tiger’s Milk, so about $4)
Almonds (less than half a pound, so about $2)

Then, at Randalls:
Eggs (A dozen for about $2)
Milk (A pint of non-fat for $1)
Cheese (One package for $2.5)
Bread (A package for around $2.50 — I go for quality here)
Paper towels (I get two of the pantry essentials for about $1-2)
Toilet paper (I get a four pack since I’m the only one that uses my bathroom for around $3.50)
And, sometimes (read: rarely) I’ll get the following items:
Laundry detergent (for about $4)
Frozen vegetables (the pantry essentials ones are cheap and good; I’ll never exceed $5 on these)
Waffles (about $2.50)
Hot dogs (about $1.50)
Hot dog buns (about $1.5)
Mustard (about $2)
Mayo (about $2)
Fabric softener (about $5)
Peanut butter (around $3.50)
Syrup (about $2)
Jelly (around $1.50)
Dish detergent (about $4)
Hand soap (I get the cheap stuff for $1)
Tooth brushes (I get as many as I can for as cheap as I can, and some packages offer several for only $1-2. I go for those.)
Toothpaste (About $3)

Sometimes I’ll go to the dollar store (Dollar Tree, not any of those “fake” dollar stores) and get my cleaning supplies there. Nothing hardcore — just some disinfectant wipes and some sponges that Randalls would charge an arm and a leg for. A trip there might cost me somewhere between $10-$20, and I only do that maybe twice a year.

 So, each week, I definitely spend $17-$19 on myself. I know what I like and what I don’t, and I know that there are some things that I’m willing to splurge on (like my bread) and some things I don’t mind getting cheaper (like my paper towels). Maybe every two months, I may spend anywhere from $17-$60, and maybe $80 twice a year. So if I have 48 weeks in one year, that’s $912 a year I spend on mandatory groceries, $246 I spend on “every once in a while” things, and $40 on cleaning supplies. All in all, that totals to about  $1,198. And that’s in a year.

I know lots of people who buy that much in just three months’ time because they don’t plan ahead and don’t understand their own eating habits.

So here are some things to think about:
What are you willing to splurge on? What are you willing to spend less on? This might change as time goes on, so be open to that.
What will you absolutely not eat? No matter what, don’t buy it. Even if it’s good for you, you’ll get sick with it and will end up throwing it out.
Write down how much you consume of each item every week. That way, you don’t buy an excess next time you go out.
Write down foods that you love and foods that you tried only to realize you hate them.
GO SHOPPING EVERY WEEK! That way, you’re not buying a month’s worth of food only for it to spoil halfway through. Eating fresh is also about budgeting so that you can go shopping every Saturday.
Be diverse. Don’t eat squash and fish every night. You’ll get sick of it. Switch it up and eat new things here and there. Buy less squash and buy other things on sale. It helps to be thrifty.
If items are priced by the pound, never reach the full pound. If you know you’ll eat more than just a half, then buy something else to help diversity.
Don’t be afraid to try new things, especially if you have the money to go about doing it.
Eating fast food and ramen noodles costs more than money — it could cost you your life. I’ve known far too many people who died of heart attacks because they refused to watch their sodium intake. Be wise and cut down on the crap. 

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madre isn’t coming into town tonight, so i’m not going to be able to. but i hope you and sarah have fun! <33333

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It’s time to prioritize. Would I rather take a nap, or finish cleaning up the rest of my room?

… cleaning. I was going to take a nap later anyway.

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Cleaned off the table managed to get the fridge, too.


Look at how happy I am with the love of my life.

Table before:


Fridge before:

Fridge after:

Funny how you really don’t know what a difference it makes until you see the before and after pictures side by side. I’m pretty impressed with myself.




My sister and I will be passing out candy tonight to the kids. Yep.

Now I just need to find a way to get my ass to Bastrop so I can help you guys out. :[ I hope you have fun!

I wish I could get you babby where you be nowadays?!

Same place I be last time we chilled — down on east slaughter. i might see if mi madre can bring me on by. not too sure if she can though. i miss you guys. :c

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My sister and I will be passing out candy tonight to the kids. Yep.

Now I just need to find a way to get my ass to Bastrop so I can help you guys out. :[ I hope you have fun!

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Kitchen is (almost) unfucked.

I took a 45/15 (might need a longer break since I’m cramping pretty hardcore) and went at it. Here are some befores and afters under the cut.

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After going on a run today and realizing just how out of shape I really am, I’m sure as hell not getting free candy this year. :x

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I added another section to my Handy Dandy Binder.

My therapist made a comment that I seemed rather bored with my life. And that’s true. I don’t have a job. I don’t have a car, and I don’t live within walking distance to a bus stop. I rely on my mother for transportation, and because she’s not exactly wealthy, it’s hard for her to pay for gas to get me to school and back, especially when she could be using those couple of hours working and getting money. As a result, I take all of my classes online. The only time I get to go out is to get groceries and to go to therapy — so once or twice a week. (Three times, if I’m lucky.)

That’s the entire reason I’m starting to do to-do lists and whatnot. I want to feel like, even though I’m not doing anything as far as work goes, I’m still living a productive life. I hate feeling like I’m worthless and like I’m never going to get anywhere. I had this illusion that things would somehow magically get better for me without any work on my part, and that I could start working like a normal person once it did.

Now, I was dealt an unfair hand in life. There was no reason as to why I should have to live such a hard, difficult thing. My father was in prison for something he didn’t do, and I didn’t get to spend much time with him before he died. My mother became paranoid and pushed that on me so that I have severe trust issues. My brother only stood up for me once, whereas I’d always argue for him. I was in and out of schools, I had difficulty making friends, I was bullied until high school — life just fucking sucked. No, it wasn’t fair, and no, it isn’t. Yes, it sucks that I’m not being handed everything that I need in my life. But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t take it if the universe won’t give it to me.

It starts with small things. Mom helped me move out. I was able to start college. My financial aid is getting me a car. I’m about to start driver’s ed. I’m making good grades and I’m confident I’ll get accepted into a prestigious private university with enough grants and scholarships to pay for my education. Once I get a car, I’ll be applying for night shifts at fast food joints and grocery stores. Yes, it will be hard. And yes, it is unfair. But I have to work my way from the bottom up, because no one else is going to do it for me.

But none of that can be accomplished yet, because I haven’t gotten my money in from selling my textbooks, and I was going to use that for driver’s ed. Not only that, but my financial aid doesn’t come in until January, so I can’t buy a car. That means I can’t get a job, and I can’t pay my own rent or go to Houston to get testosterone or all those other things I want to do and would be able to do if my life was in order.

So that’s what I’m doing. Getting my life in order.

Some of my friends online are really upset because I’m not around that much anymore. I’m trying to develop better sleeping habits. I’m trying to remain active. I’m trying to live a life outside of the internet. I don’t mind chatting with them three to four hours each day. That’s fine. But I wish more of them would understand that I don’t have the time to sit around all day, every day anymore. I have things to do, dammit! I want a life, and I don’t want it to be a virtual one. None of them get that. They don’t get that I’ve been spoiled up until this point and I’m having a hard time organizing and prioritizing. They have it all worked out, and I’m still trying to figure it out because I’m basically a newborn in an adult’s world.

So I feel a bit guilty, of course, but I know that I need to do this.

And that’s why I added a new section to my binder.

I know that I need to feel rewarded. I need to recognize my own efforts that I make towards my health, at home, and in school. Even if I can’t get a job right now, that doesn’t mean I can’t focus working at home. I’m here all the time anyway. I should at least be able to do something.

My new section is called “Things I Accomplished This Week.” It sounds really stupid, I know, but it’s motivational in the sense that I get to recognize my own success. As someone who’s used to putting myself down because I can’t do anything right, I grew to consider myself a failure. But I made sure to put a positive message on the front of this section:

Go ahead and celebrate. You deserve recognizing what you handled in your own life. Remember that point where you would sit around and do nothing all day, every day? No longer! You’ve been productive. You did good.

You succeeded.

So maybe self-motivational speeches aren’t cool or whatever, but I needed it. I needed to know that I was taking care of my own life in some way and that it wasn’t my mother holding my hand through all of it. I need to look at my life and notice all the things I’m doing for myself as an adult, not as a spoiled little kid. My mother pays my rent, buys my groceries, and drives me places. Yes, I wish that I could do that on my own, and one day I will. But for now, I’m going to focus on those things that no one has control over but me: My education, my health, and my home.

So far I have in my weekly accomplishments: Cleaned my room, applied for scholarships, and found possible endocrinologist. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be able to add two or three more, but we’ll see how that works out.

On Friday, I’m going to share all of this with my therapist. I think I deserved bragging rights. I’ve come so far since I started therapy.

I’ve got my to-do list mapped out for myself tomorrow. Since I managed to get everything done today (including all my exercises, even though my body was sore and screaming for mercy), I decided to test new limits for tomorrow. I added a few more tasks — six more, in fact. Today, all I had to do was read a small section of The Decameron and do my exercises (jog, abs, and legs count as three tasks), laundry, clean the bathroom, clean my room, clean my desk, organize my bookshelf, and do the dishes.


I have to clean under my dresser, clean in front of my bed, clean my microwave/mini fridge, put away my towels, do my exercises (three tasks), read another section of The Decameron, do the dishes, set a writing schedule for NaNoWriMo, clean the kitchen counters, clean the dining room table, and clean the kitchen fridge and pantry.

I’m pushing my limits with this, but I’m hoping I can do all of it.

I was also invited by my mother to help her clean her bedroom. I’m all for it, and I even showed her the Unfuck Your Habitat blog. She loved it, and I think we’re going to give it a go whenever she has the energy. Maybe this weekend, maybe next.