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Kitchen is (almost) unfucked.

I took a 45/15 (might need a longer break since I’m cramping pretty hardcore) and went at it. Here are some befores and afters under the cut.



The only reason the bottom shelf has any sense of organization with the boxed soup is because my cousin was going through it last night when I told her to eat some of it. After one of our roommates moved out, we got a pantry shelf cleared up for our own usage. I decided to take advantage of it. I cleaned out all the food and found gross crap beneath it all.

So then I took my favorite thing ever — Lysol wipes — and gave it a good scrubbing. Did the trick immediately. I organized my food back on the shelf — put the things that I eat the most on the left, and put the things that I save for when I have nothing else to eat (and no money to go buy anything) on the back right corner. You can see how much I prioritize my tea and protein bars over pancakes and oatmeal.



Where my roommate used to keep her shit, I decided to go ahead and make use of that space and have it be a space for us to keep our party goods and medicine. So I took two small boxes that probably cost about $0.25 each and labeled them “C & Z” for my roommates and “A” for me. I keep my laundry stuff behind it, as well as a little canister that I intend to put coins and stuff in later.


I was only able to get so much done in a matter of 15 minutes for this one.


As you can clearly see, I was cooking when I took these pictures. Above, you can see the place we keep our spices, knives, oils, and baking awesomeness. Then you can see the counter that my poor roommate sits at to do his homework. How he could focus in that clutter, I have no clue. None of it was my mess, but since he works full time and goes to school full time and my cousin is still recovering from a car crash, I figured it would be a good time to go ahead and suck it up and help out a bit, especially since my rent is so cheap.


It’s blurry, but you can see that I went through everything and gave it a place. I changed the cutting board because the other one was gross. I also wiped the counter down with — you guessed it — Lysol. Underneath the knives, I found a small ant pile from when we had a bad ant problem. At least now we know why they kept coming back.

There’s the counter (and my beloved Lysol) where my roommate does his homework. There’s also an unswept floor, but time ran out and my back was hurting and I’m on my period and wah wah wah. I just didn’t want to clean anymore.

But hey, I got a lot done in 45 minutes. I’m pretty proud. [: And I used my 15 to write up this post. WheeEEEEeEeE